Lakeview Restaurant - Clear View Mountain 8th Nov 2020

We had a great day today and managed to avoid getting rained on.   The skys looked like they were going to drop bucket loads, but, no, they didn’t, phew!

We met up at the Loganholme Maccas at a leisurely 10.30 am with ample time to grab a coffee before setting off up the highway to the Shell Servo at Nudgee where we Met up with Grant Young in the second Cobra.

The run up to Lakeview was a nice easy drive, although I think we had every red light between Nudgee and the Restaurant!

After we parked up at the Restaurant we all had the customary chit chat and I must say, the 56 Corvette is just absolutely stunning!  a real credit to the painstaking amount of work that’s gone in to restoring it. The photos really do not do it justice.

Once up in the restaurant the view outside was well worth the wait.  Even with the overcast sky it still looked good.  If you;re looking to for destination then this place is worth a visit.

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