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Monthly Meet-ups

CCCQ meets on the first Sunday of every month for a friendly meet and cruise. We encorage a family-friendly vibe where everyone feels a part of the family.

Racing/Competition Events

Take the chance to see exactly how your Cobra ranks in the community with track and speed events. Encoraging the craft and skill involved in hand-built performance.


Our members are passionate about our cars and we like to share. You’ll see us at kids charity runs, car shows, ticker tape parades and even as wedding cars.

Welcome to the home oF

Great people, great cars, great times. Cobra Car Club Queensland focuses on creating a space for our community to enjoy and share stories around a very beloved model, the Shelby Cobra range. Collectively, we love everything about these cars, the details, the drive,  and the culture.
You’ll find us meeting regularly over the year for beautiful events supporting important causes. 

If you want to surround yourself with like-minded people enjoying the good life, 
swing us a bell and join the club!

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WHAT our members SAY

Looking for good people and Great times? Welcome to The Cobra club, driven by passion.

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