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3 Piece Polished Stainless Steel Side Pipes


These are POLISHED STAINLESS STEEL and NOT Chrome plated so no peeling and no flaking.

They have some features that I feel are very desirable on any of the Cobras, with attention paid to some important design features that appeal to most owners.

The collectors are very smoothly “blended” into the side pipes makes them look much nicer than many other side pipes, which have that squared off weld join

Beautifully designed.

They are made in three pieces to make the setting of the collectors and the setting of the exact angle of the exit tip to be perfect

For those using these as “working” pipes, the three piece design also allows access to the muffler, for any reason such as upgrading / replacing / reducing internals, something that is not easily achieved with the usual one piece style pipes.

Once they are together , you would never know they are a three piece design

The side pipes come supplied complete with fitted internal mufflers.  The internal mufflers supplied with these side pipes, work really well, and produce a beautiful deep growl when fitted as live pipes.  Alternatively, if you wanted to only use the pipes as “Decorative”, the internals simply slide out.  You could always keep the internals, in case you wanted to make the pipes ”Live” at any time in the future. 

Length 1,400mm , 50 mm Collectors, Middle “Muffler section” 110mm.

$2,975 a pair + postage

If being used as “Live” pipe we can also supply 4 x matching 10mm thick adaptor plates. ( Not fitted)

$120 set of four

Polished Stainless Quick Jacks

These fully polished stainless Steel Quick Jacks come in a set of 4 (four). 

There are no visible welds and they are easy to keep clean.  

$385 + Postage. 2 Left and 2 Right

Polished Stainless Steel Overriders

Fitted with mounting brackets, pre-drilled mounting holes on the inner side of the front Overriders for fitment of the front bumper/nudge bar.

A feature not normally found on over overriders is an additional closed section at the top of the back of each overrider; also fully polished stainless steel.  Much more attractive than the usual “Open” style .

$470 + Postage  2 fronts and 2 rears

Polished Stainless Steel Front Nudge Bar

This front Nudge / Bumper bar fixes directly to the matching Polished stainless overriders via the pre-drilled holes. These are the highest quality and give that period look to your Cobra.

$385 + Postage

Polished Stainless Steel Rear Nudge Bar

This Rear Nudge / Bumper Bar already complete with mounting brackets is the perfect compliment to the Front Nudge bar,  giving your Cobra the perfect period look.  It won’t chip  or peel and the polished Stainless is easy to keep clean.

$385 + Postage

Mounting Kit - Overriders and Quick JAcks

Mounting for Quick Jacks

8 off M10 x300mm threaded stainless steel rods.
24 Stainless Hex nuts.
8 X Polished Stainless Steel Dome nuts
32 Stainless steel washers
2 meters ( 8 X 250mm)….. polished stainless steel tube.
4 “angled” Grommets, and 4 “flat” grommets

$195 + Postage

Mounting Kit for Over riders

8 off  M10 300mm threaded stainless steel rods.
24 Stainless Hex nuts.
32 Stainless steel washers
2 meters ( 8 X 250mm) polished stainless steel tube.
4 “angled” Grommets, and 4 “flat” grommets

$190 + Postage


After breaking yet another ‘safety Glass’ wind wing I have decided that the ACRYLIC wind wings are a superior ‘fit for purpose’ choice.

Note. These are NOT Lexan or Plexiglas (which scratches,  cracks and discolours much easier).

Made with 4.50 mm acrylic (which is  quite stiff) with all edges polished so that  it looks like glass.

$110-00 Pair + Postage

Mounting kit sold separately

Wind Wings - Mounting Kits

Polished stainless with chrome plated mounting blocks.

The Bottom mounting block is longer, which keeps the wind wing ‘square’ in any position.

$75 + Postage

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