G Force Sports Cars offer a package for the individual to assemble.

427 Comp SC Shelby Cobra Roadster

This can be purchased in any stage.
You can purchase a body/chassis, all panels swinging  with every mount fitted with no fabrication-laminating required.
This unit is designed to be licensed in any State in Australia as long as the correct components are fitted.   Ideally supplied by G-Force.

The car can be purchased as:

  • three-quarter Cobra;
  • a complete set of  componentry but not assembled or
  • as a completed drive-away Cobra

G-Force offers a build  stage to suit  everyone’s needs.

  • G-Force Cobras exceed strength requirements in the torsional twist by nearly 100%.
  • Our chassis combines three styles of engineering – ladder, backbone, space frame.
  • G-Force Sports Cars run independent suspension at four corners,
  • four wheel disc brakes,
  • LSD diff. 
  • Also fully adjustable suspension (if required).
  • A powder coated frame for longevity . 
  • All suspension is powder coated.
  • Wishbones are zinc passivated in gold. 
  • Also if required we can clear powder coat over the zinc passivation for extra longevity.
  • The bodies are hand laminated in four laminates of 1-1/2 oz cloth or chop strand.
  • The resin is vinylester resin or DCPD polyester resin.  (This is a personal choice).
  • Excellent quality is, only 20 hours ( approximately ) of preparation time required to make the the body ready to paint.
  • All main dimensions, roll centres and panel shape have been installed with originality in mind.
  • Cost for an individual to assemble a complete Cobra to the highest standard and looking original will cost $85,000.

Pricing changes with quality of parts used.

Finished Turn-key Cobra

A Complete turnkey with quad cam 5 litre Mustang, 5 speed Tremec gear box will cost $135,000.
Please bear in mind this is a bespoke manufactured car, so costings can change.

Big and Tall

We manufacture a specially modified Cobra for people up to 6’ 5”.  This is altered 3” longer and 2” wider. 
This allows better leg room and more comfortable sitting position which allows bigger seats.
This kit will cost $6,000 extra and is only supplied in a rolling suspension form.

G-Force can supply all replacement parts.


Insurance wise Shannons do a very competitive insurance policy. G-Force is the preferred repairer.

429 Cobra Jet 500 HP

Overall specifications: 

  1. Heads – Cobra jet aluminium
  2. Cam – full race competition cams hydraulic runs to 6,500 RPM
  3. Manifold – Edelbrock aluminium torker 2
  4. Water Pump – vein design super flow Edelbrock
  5. Push Rods – competition cams 3/8”
  6. Roller Rockers – Howards
  7. Lifters – competition cams anti pump up
  8. Pistons –TRW forged flat top 11 to 1 compression
  9. Con Rods – H Beam Eagle
  10. Crank Shaft – Cobra jet
  11. Balanced – complete rotating assembly has been balanced
  12. Harmony Balancer – special race
  13. Gaskets – Felpro
  14. Engine Studs – Mr Gasket
  15. Heads – machine work stellite seats, bronze guides, stainless swirl valves, 7-16” screw in studs with stud locks
  16. Rocket Covers – Holley aluminium fin covers


G-Force Sports Cars WA Factory

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