Breakfast at Stanleys Bar - Gold Coast Car Museum

Well what a great roll up we had today!  18 Cobras and over 60 members!  By 8.30am we already had 10 Cobras lined up on the grass.  

The Gold Coast Car Museum and Stanley’s Bar & Restaurant were also hosting the HSV and Corvette car clubs too.  The HSV club were there early and already viewing the cars on show in the purpose built shed.  

The kitchen area is quite small so to enable to get all the breakfasts out together we split up in to 2 groups, one group going to the view the cars whilst the other settled in for some top nosh.

Carl, one of the owners, recently (January) replaced the chefs after a number of false starts in the kitchen.  I’m pleased to say that was a great decision. All the food was excellent and everyone that commented only had good words to say.  On a personal note, I also enjoyed the coffee, it was “most excellent” to quote Bill and Ted.

Whilst we were having brekky and viewing the cars, the two Corvette clubs rolled in with over 50 corvettes ranging from a beautiful red C1 through to a 2019 C7.

All in all a great roll up, some great cars, fantastic friends and lovely food.  A right result !

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