Historic River Mill Sept. 13 2020


What a great roll up at Historic River Mill.  We had a capacity  crowd and all 34 spots were filled. we even had to break out on to an extra table, thankfully the guys at the River Mill allowed us to snag a reserved table knowing we’d be gone by the time they arrived (we only just made it). with 10 Cobra’s and a couple of  Porsche’s and Don’s beautiful  Austin-Healey 3000 it made for a great display.

The weather looked like it was going to give us a quick shower and a couple of members decided o bring their tin tops just in case,   but it held off (mostly) and by the end of the breakfast the sun was shining..  However, during our morning preamble a certain Mr Magpie took umbrage at us parking too close to his the tree and decided to dive bomb several of our members with such vigor you could almost hear him squawk ‘TORA, TORA, TORA’ as he swooped in at Cobra like speeds !

Raffle prizes this month were donated by:
Trevor and Helen Dixon – A retro esky which was won by Ron and Suz Ford
Denis Stone – A mini pie maker which was won by Tony W
Ken Bruhn – A comprehensive screw driver set  which was won by Bruce McLeod
Tony Wilmot – A wooden wall hanging of a Cobra won by Stuart Maxwell
Scotty & Sam H – A dozen eggs fresh from their hens – won by Warren Boylan

Grant, our long serving and most excellent Raffle Coordinator has reached an impasse with regards to donated prizes in that there aren’t any new prizes being donated.  Raffles, apart from being a bit of fun are the main way we maintain funds for the club and we rely on the members to donate them,  Can I please ask you, if you haven’t donated a prize for the raffle in the last 12 months, could you please find time to donate.

 The guys at the River Mill worked really hard to get all the meals out quickly and I think they did a great job, They’ve been changing up the menu too and more home cooked style elements they are trying hard to keep everybody happy in order to keep customers coming back, which we will be doing for our November breakfast.

Thank you to everyone that attended 

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