Well I suppose everyone has the smartest lawns, gardens, clean and glistening cobras and all the home maintenance that you have been putting of for ages attended to and the tv set is nearly worn out. hmmmm ? And also trying not to wind the cobra speed up on it’s many trips to the local bottle shop and I hope your fights have been kept to a minimum.        Enough nonsense here is the news.

The club renewals which are normally in June have been put on hold until we become operational again. The club insurance policy also has been put on hold until the same time so there are no club expenses for the time being.

Some of you have automatic withdrawals for the renewals, so maybe you could cancel that for now as who knows how long this nasty situation will be with us.

    Regarding the club AGM due in June.

If anyone one wishes to take a club position let me know as the meeting will be somehow done over the net. Paperwork will be sent out next month.

I will send this email out again in May..

I took over a restoration project last year, which is good thing to have at this time. A 1967 S-type jaguar which is giving me head aches but keeping me off the streets. Just to keep a contact I will send pics and info.

Maybe some other members have something similar of interest you could share with the club.

d pres

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