Club Run. Jubilee Park Beaudesert to The Galley Coomera

Beaudesert to the Galley Coomera - 20 Nov 2022

Dear Friends,

Many thanks to our run co-ordinators Trevor and Helen Dixon, for arranging another excellent run/outing for the club members. We had a pretty good roll up of 10 cars/18 people.

We met at the Jubilee Park in Beaudesert, and then took a one hour drive ending at the Coomera Boat yards….with a late breakfast at the Galley cafe.

The drive was excellent, the company was great, and the restaurant was also fantastic.

Just another great outing. Highly recommend that you all get out of the house, and come along on these very well organized runs.


Warren BOYLAN,
Club President,
Cobra Car Club of Queensland.

Presidents Report march 2021

Presidents Report March 2021

Presidents Report Feb 2021

February Presidents

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Presidents Report November 2020

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A Series Sprints

Words by Paul Gillis

QSSS A Series Round 4

What a weekend of PB’s

A group of CCCQ members enter each year in the annual Queensland Super Sprints held at Morgan Park Raceway at Warwick. Normally the championship consists of four rounds held from February through to September with a separate State Championship round in November. Unfortunately, this year, the second round was cancelled due to Covid-19. With the Cobra Nationals also cancelled there is now growing interest in the group attending the QSS State Championship.

The final round for the year was held over the weekend of September 19 and 20 and except for a light shower on Saturday, the weather was perfect for good racing. Congratulations to Matt Allsopp who completed an impeccable round finally overcoming a long history of mechanical issues and showing the benefit of research, perseverance and dedication

Unfortunately, mechanical issues compromised several of the other cobra entrants. Jim Diakos was towed in with broken gearbox, Mick Schipper had overheating and other teething problems with his new race car, Mario Andrado had oil breather issues and Paul Gillis blew a driveline seal in the gearbox on my first and only run on Saturday. Mick Warnock was a non-starter with a broken rocker from last round and Pete Hancock ran his street registered cobra while in the process of rebuilding an engine in his race cobra.

Details of individual Cobra members entered:

Ashley Bright – driving an ex V8 supercar, with a PB for the track, not only won the round for his class (Sports Sedans over 2,000cc) but also won the A series championship for all categories for 2020.  

John White – drove his street registered RCR GT40 in the Cobra class (Sports Cars over 3000cc), achieved a second place behind Matt Allsopp for the round and won this category for the series and second overall behind Ashley.

Matt Allsopp – achieved a PB and won the cobra category for the round. Looks to have finally sorted the beast.

Michael Verner (the reigning Senior King Cobra) showed how consistency and reliability gets results. He completed every round consistently banking points to end up second behind John in the Cobra category for the year. Well done!

Yve Stocks, the only female entrant in the category, likewise completed every round without a hitch and finished third overall in the category behind John and Michael.

Pete Hancock – drove “Öld Gold” to perfection, although not in the same class as his all-conquering race cobra.

Tony Stark and Ron Ford double entered the “Middys Electrical” NASCAR powered cobra and drove consistently all weekend. Ron certainly had his hands full after limited track time in the past five years and jumping into an 800hp monster.

Wayne Proctor has been the surprise of the series. Driving his street registered Cobra, he has recorded podiums in both rounds he entered with times close to John’s without any mechanical issues. A phenomenal performance from a show class, street registered cobra.  

Mick and Isaac Schipper spent most of the weekend sorting the new race car. It should be a weapon next year and near the top of the pack as it showed glimpses of its potential.

Jim Diakos drove his street registered cobra well (near PB) until gearbox issues restricted his efforts.

Grayson McLeod – a newbie this year. He has quite a go-cart racing pedigree. He drove well having not previously driven on the long circuit. His times improved consistently over the weekend. Once the cobra is fully sorted, and with more track time, he will undoubtedly ruffle the established order.

Mario Andrado – drives a late model Mustang (with probably $50k plus performance improvements) and competes in the category “Improved Production over 5001cc”.  Mario, while achieving a PB, was limited due to oil breathing issues. The car has yet to show its full potential. I can’t wait to see it perform next year.

Ted Trask – as always drove his street registered cobra well all weekend without any mechanical issues or track dramas. 


Presidents Report August 2020



Presidents Chat

Well a month has passed since becoming Mr President and I’m settling in to the role. I’ve caught up with the other club heads and I’m sad to announce that Kim Downs, the NSW President and the NSW committee have cancelled this years Nationals, This Covid virus is hitting our southern cousins a lot harder than it is up here in Qld and with the borders closing to SA and Vic and now us here, Nationals is just not possible. 

The Biannual Cooma Historic Car Rally – Surf to Summit is also cancelled for the same reasons.    It’s not my place to make comment on the do’s and don’ts of Covid, but I will say, I’m much happier to be here in Queensland than anywhere else!

Also I have been in discussions with the Corvette club President – Brad Stumer about potential joint events in the coming months.  Many of our longer term members will remember we used to hold joint events including the very popular car-karnas.  We are currently discussing a couple of potential outings later this year, I’ll let you know more as soon as we have something to propose.

Name Badges... we have a few new members and some returning members that haven’t been for a while and like me, many people feel a little awkward when we can’t remember names (especially for me after 15 years of seeing you each month!).  So can I please ask you all to start wearing your name badges again.  For those of you that have lost your badges or need new ones please let me know and we’ll organise some new ones. 

Show and Shine.  We had a nice roll up of cars at the August breakfast and most of the attendees took time out to complete the voting cards.  The four categories of best paint; best engine bay; best interior and best ‘used’ car should allow each car to be judged on its best merritts and holding the vote over 3 consecutive meetings will hopefully encourage the continued roll up of Cobras.

Albert River Winery Breakfast

  • This Month’s breakfast was actually a morning tea at the Albert River Winery, due a last minute cancellation made by the Colmslie. The first to arrive were there by 9am and we had a pretty good roll up of cars including Rob’s very nice GT40 and some we haven’t seen for a while.
 We moved in to take our seats at 10am and the staff were excellent and most attentive. The ladies taking our food and coffee orders did so quickly and manged to sort our orders efficiently and the ones I met were wonderful too!  We only had the table for an hour and half but no one was left waiting.  The only complaints, well observations really,  were about the damage the recent rains had done to the driveway, a few of the cars helped out with some accidental grading (oops).  On the up side, there was very little dust from the  gravel.

We had 31 people in total including Brad and Sandy from the Corvette club.  Brad and I are looking to create a couple of joint events as I mentioned above in the presidents report.  Brad came along in his white 1989 C4 corvette

This months Raffle prizes were donated by: –

  • Rob & Jenny Sandow – A Bundaberg Scarf and Beenie
  • Barrie & Heather Corrie – Bundaberg Royal Liqueur
  • Alan and Tina Ball –  Bundaberg Rum Red Label
  • The Club aka Flintstone cellars –  Red wine

Out of 4 prizes, 3 were alcohol, and out of the 4 winners, three do not drink!  ummmm, maybe we need to start issuing guidelines on what raffle prizes to donate …  Just to be clear, I’m fine with the booze, single malt, Rum, Bourbon, Vodka, Red wine , white wine (oh dear this isn’t painting me in good light is it).   Seriously though, we’ll try and limit the number of alcohol prizes to 1 or 2 per draw. We have small  pool of prizes so we can swap them around a bit I think and we’ll try and keep the number of prizes to 4 (although there  may be exceptions to this for bigger events).

Upcoming Events

Member Spotlight Lance Baynton

LPG Carbs !
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How long havyou been in the Cobra Car Club?
5 years
What got you interested in Cobras?
My interest actually started with Carroll Shelby, his story, and the cars he built.  The Cobra was as raw as you could get; an enormous engine in a small car.  Remember that this was back in the 60s.  It fascinated me with how he was able to pull the racing program and car building all together to build an icon.
Is this your first Cobra?
How long have you owned it?
5 years
Was it complete or did you build it?
It was complete and registered, and I bought it from Western Australia.  I’d and inspected a few and initially couldn’t find one that was early enough for me to be able to put my “old school” interpretation onto it.  I wanted it to look like it was a race car.  I searched for 8 months before I found this one.  I flew to Perth to inspect it.  As soon as he started it up, I knew I wanted it.  This was the one!
What year was it first registered?
Cobra manufacturer?
G Force Mk 2.
Paint colour?
White gelcoat, which I’ve blocked down with wet and dry.  It took a full day to get it to the polished finish.
Engine brand and size?

460 big block Ford
Engine mods?
Alloy Edelbrock Performer RPM cylinder heads, Edelbrock Torquer intake manifold, twin gas carbs, Eagle H beam rods with ARP rod bolts, SRP pistons
Tremec TKO600 5 speed
Rear end?
Front suspension?
Rear suspension?
Halibrand 15×8 and 15×10
Goodyear Eagle Billboard 245/50 and 295/50
Tan leather, VDO gauges, Moto Lita style wheel
Other notable specifications? 
Static cling race decals, working stainless side pipes, twin roll bars
What do you like about this car in particular?
It’s a bit different.  I feel like I bought it for a fair price, which gave me the opportunity to change things to give me the look I was after.  It’s nice to drive, makes the right noise, has great power and feels like a good solid car.

Have you changed anything on it since buying it?
I replaced the 17” wheels with the 15” Halibrands and Billboard tyres, added the decals, fitted heat shielding throughout the car.  I made a cold-air intake from the front of the car and fitted an oil cooler.
Any plans for future changes to the car?
I’d like to have 600hp in the future!  I have bought an 8 stack EFI manifold made by Blue Thunder in the US.  I’ll fit some racing belts.  That’s really about it.  I sometimes think about painting it in the future, but to be honest I’m really happy with the way it looks now.
Have you experienced any challenges since you’ve owned the car?
I had a tyre blow out in the fast lane of the highway and getting a sideways car across 3 lanes at highway speed wasn’t the most enjoyable experience.  I also have challenges finding LPG around the place, so I’m looking forward to running it on petrol with the 8 stack EFI.  Otherwise, just getting caught out in the rain is always a bit of fun.

Anyone you wish to thank for work performed on the car, general advice and guidance, or for any other reason?
It’s great to be able to bounce ideas off other club members, especially regarding the process to transfer registration from another state into Queensland.  I drive away from the Cobra breakfasts after talking about our cars with the enthusiasm to keep working on it and keep improving it.
What’s your most memorable moment with the Cobra?
When it arrived!  It came in an enclosed car carrier, and the sidepipes were a bit louder then.  When it fired up inside the carrier, I thought there’s no way the car would ever be legal to drive on the street!  I also wondered if I would even get the car up my driveway.  It is legal, and it did get up the driveway…
How does it make you feel to drive it?
I don’t thrash the car or throw it into corners; I just like to get out and enjoy the experience out on the road.  It makes me feel good to drive it – it puts me in a happy place.  The open cockpit, the nice rumble, it just all adds up to give you a sense of freedom.  It’s a place where I can relax and leave the worries of the world behind.
How often do you drive it?
Maybe once or twice a month at the moment.  Not enough! 
Is Cobra ownership what you expected?
Yes, and then some.  There’s nothing else like the driving experience.  I mean, have a look at them!  If I had a dollar for everyone who wanted a race from the lights…

Presidents Report July 2020

Annual AGM

Sunday’s  breakfast at the Mt Tambourine’s Eagle Heights resort was also the club AGM and as most of you will know Denis has stepped down from the club president role and with no other nominees other than Alan Ball (myself) I have taken over the role.  All the other committee members have retained their roles.  Ron Ford chaired the proceedings and ensured the we complied with all our constitutional obligations.  The club accounts prepared by Paul Gillis and audited by Ron Ford were proposed and accepted.

Denis, aided by our Raffles coordinator have done a wonderful job and we have over $14k in the club kitty. Well done chaps and as the new president I would first like to formally thank Denis for a fantastic three years as president and I’d like to pledge my commitment to continuing Denis’s great work and I hope I can give value to the trust, you the membership, have placed in me.

Going forward I want to build on Denis’s great work in particular the social club drives and my first call to action is to ask you al to think about trips you’d like the club to organise and secondly to call for volunteers to help with setting up a run.  We’ll put together some cheat sheets of what’s involved.  A trip can be as simple as a shourt run to visit a members shed or a coffee shop, all the way up to a weekend away.  Denis in the new role of trip coordinator will be there to help and guide the process. So… who is up for leading a run?  Email me your suggestions.

Request for Content
The new club website is up and running and we’ve spent a lot of time building it so that it is easy to add content, but the biggest difficulty is actually coming up with the content.  with that in mind can I ask you all to come up with some content for our new website.  It doesn’t have to be much, it could be your favourite dad joke, a picture of you with your car at your favourite location and maybe a sentence or two about it, or maybe you have a some photographs of your car build that you’d be prepared to share with us.  No need to worry about how it’s written or if it’s enough, we’ll take care of that.  Creating new content is one of the hardest parts of running and maintaining a website, but with a just a small amount of help from you we can make really interesting for all of us.


We had a fine selection of  alcohol in this month’s Raffle along with some beauty products (for the cars). July’s prizes were donated by:

  • Gary & Heather Bone;
  • Ken and Jenny Gibson
  • Grant Young
  • The club
  • The Eagle Heights resort.

Future Events:

Next Month (Aug 2nd)  we’ll be at the the Colmslie Hotel Morningside, please let me know if you’ll be attending.

September 13 breakfast at the Historic  Rivermill

November 29th Christmas Party   at  Harrigan’s Drift inn. 

Dad Joke

If a child refuses to sleep during nap time, are they guilty of resisting a rest?

Sign off from the ex Pres Denis Stone.


I couldn’t help myself and had to send a thank you to everyone for supporting me over the last three years as d pres.

We had a great morning up at Mt Tamborine for the AGM breakfast with a friendly crowd of fifty members and I had quite a few members who informed my why they couldn’t attend. The restaurant looked after us with a nice breakfast and gave us the use of the function room for no charge and the club helped with the costs it usually does with AGM breakfast and the weather tricked us by being wonderful. Our new pres Alan  will no doubt have a bit on this for you.


d  trip “n” run co.

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