Annual AGM

Sunday’s  breakfast at the Mt Tambourine’s Eagle Heights resort was also the club AGM and as most of you will know Denis has stepped down from the club president role and with no other nominees other than Alan Ball (myself) I have taken over the role.  All the other committee members have retained their roles.  Ron Ford chaired the proceedings and ensured the we complied with all our constitutional obligations.  The club accounts prepared by Paul Gillis and audited by Ron Ford were proposed and accepted.

Denis, aided by our Raffles coordinator have done a wonderful job and we have over $14k in the club kitty. Well done chaps and as the new president I would first like to formally thank Denis for a fantastic three years as president and I’d like to pledge my commitment to continuing Denis’s great work and I hope I can give value to the trust, you the membership, have placed in me.

Going forward I want to build on Denis’s great work in particular the social club drives and my first call to action is to ask you al to think about trips you’d like the club to organise and secondly to call for volunteers to help with setting up a run.  We’ll put together some cheat sheets of what’s involved.  A trip can be as simple as a shourt run to visit a members shed or a coffee shop, all the way up to a weekend away.  Denis in the new role of trip coordinator will be there to help and guide the process. So… who is up for leading a run?  Email me your suggestions.

Request for Content
The new club website is up and running and we’ve spent a lot of time building it so that it is easy to add content, but the biggest difficulty is actually coming up with the content.  with that in mind can I ask you all to come up with some content for our new website.  It doesn’t have to be much, it could be your favourite dad joke, a picture of you with your car at your favourite location and maybe a sentence or two about it, or maybe you have a some photographs of your car build that you’d be prepared to share with us.  No need to worry about how it’s written or if it’s enough, we’ll take care of that.  Creating new content is one of the hardest parts of running and maintaining a website, but with a just a small amount of help from you we can make really interesting for all of us.


We had a fine selection of  alcohol in this month’s Raffle along with some beauty products (for the cars). July’s prizes were donated by:

  • Gary & Heather Bone;
  • Ken and Jenny Gibson
  • Grant Young
  • The club
  • The Eagle Heights resort.

Future Events:

Next Month (Aug 2nd)  we’ll be at the the Colmslie Hotel Morningside, please let me know if you’ll be attending.

September 13 breakfast at the Historic  Rivermill

November 29th Christmas Party   at  Harrigan’s Drift inn. 

Dad Joke

If a child refuses to sleep during nap time, are they guilty of resisting a rest?

Sign off from the ex Pres Denis Stone.


I couldn’t help myself and had to send a thank you to everyone for supporting me over the last three years as d pres.

We had a great morning up at Mt Tamborine for the AGM breakfast with a friendly crowd of fifty members and I had quite a few members who informed my why they couldn’t attend. The restaurant looked after us with a nice breakfast and gave us the use of the function room for no charge and the club helped with the costs it usually does with AGM breakfast and the weather tricked us by being wonderful. Our new pres Alan  will no doubt have a bit on this for you.


d  trip “n” run co.

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