February  2020  heralded the arrival of the Corona Virus Covid-19 and it stomped on our monthly meet ups. The corona virus is not to be confused with the Car-Owner-Virus which many of us have suffered from for many years.

Although we all wanted to get our beloved cars out and drive around the country-side our politician forebode it along with pretty much all forms of socialising!  We’ve been left to polish our cars to within millimetres of their lives. Many of us have been forced to attend virtual car shows, Looking at pictures of cars from the angle the photographer wanted, squinting and turning our heads to try and see that certain something just out of shot, with no avail, yes I too guilty of that.

We watch the news and listen to the stats for our fellows around the country and around the globe and we come to realise just how lucky we are here in beautiful Queensland and whilst we mourn the loss of each individual we give thanks its not us or our loved ones. We are now in April and Anzac Day has come and past, not the usual Anzac Day with ceremonies and marchers proud, but even more sombre the many remembering the few from the driveways of our houses and beautiful and eerie sound of the lone bugle sounding the Last Post, Lest we forget.

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