Peter Dore ended up with this Gogo after it had sat for 10 years waiting to be restored by the previous owner, before that it had sat for 11 years, also waiting to be restored and loved once more.

Peter picked it up about 7 years ago and went about getting the the little Gogo Dart in to a drivable condition. There weren’t many Gogo’s to start with so spare parts aren’t readily available, Peter had to make or try and track down anything that was there or needed replacing.

The engine is the big block of the Gogo world being 400cc 20hp, 100 cc bigger than the standard 300cc 15 hp version. It, reportable, has a top speed of 100km per hour! Quite impressive for 20hp.

Peter is intending to get it repainted to bring it back to its former glory. We can’t wait.

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